Does starbucks hot cocoa mix expire

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Does starbucks hot cocoa mix expire

What could be sweeter than some nice, hot cocoa served up with by your grandma? Nothing at all One well-meaning grandmother is in hot water after serving her family hot chocolate from long-expired packets and landing them in the hospital.

All year-old Mrs. Rosetta wanted to do was serve her two grandchildren, their friend, her son, and her partner a treat. She happened to find some old cocoa packets in her cabinet and mixed them with milk.

Alas, she did not read the expiration dates on those packets. They read 5 June In fact, Rosetta bought the packets a few years earlier, back in the s. The Simpsons aired for the first time. Some of us still are. But back to the cocoa poisoning, fortunately no one died but they did get horribly sick.

Everyone was hospitalized with food poisoning symptoms and one grandchild was there for three weeks. So this was a fairly serious matter. That seems a bit extreme, if you ask me.

It was just one of those mistakes people make. We all have old stuff in our cupboards, and it's easy to underestimate its age. Just the other day I threw out some old cereal which I thought it was a few months old. It was actually a year and a half old.

Does Hot Chocolate Expire? What You Need to Know

And you wouldn't think dry goods like cocoa powder would spoil, but it's still food. I think most of us would think twice about using something dusty and ancient looking from the back of the cupboard. But I can totally see my grandma using it anyway. I mean, you survive the depression and it kind of makes you incapable of throwing away food, ever. In fact, according to safety organization NSF Internationalolder people are more likely to hold onto food past the date on the label, whether it's past the expiration date, sell-by date, or best-used-by date.

It's kind of a dangerous habit, as you can imagine! So just a reminder: Beware of the old stuff lurking in your pantry. And remind your own grandma! Maybe some spring cleaning -- and tossing -- is in order. Adriana Velez April 2, at PM. They may even press charges against Granny!

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Do you have old dry goods hiding in your cabinets? These Yard SignsWhat do all of these mean? These are the food items that can be stored safely for a long time while remaining safe for consumption. The first is pure cocoa powder. This type of hot chocolate can be stored for a long time without any noticeable reduction in quality. If we are talking about this type of hot chocolate, it can be kept in your cupboard for a year or longer and will still be fine to drink.

The other type is the kind of instant mix to which you simply add hot water to make a rich and creamy cup of hot chocolate. This kind of beverage mix usually also contains powdered milk or a substitute, which means it will spoil quicker than cocoa powder.

By the way, if you love decadently luxurious hot chocolate, check out this video recipe we found for you! With pure cocoa, if we want to know if it becomes dangerous to drink, the answer is probably not. However, if we are talking about the hot chocolate mix, the answer is not so clear. But is it dangerous to drink? Since, as we mentioned, the hot chocolate mix contains ingredients that may go bad, there is a chance it may cause you to become sick.

does starbucks hot cocoa mix expire

However, a rather extreme case from Italy may act as a warning against taking any risks. A few years ago, a grandmother from the Italian town of Vicenza wanted to give her grandchildren something a treat and, after hunting around in her cupboard, found some packs of hot chocolate. Unfortunately, the hot chocolate had already expired — by 25 years. Within hours, the children, the grandmother, and her husband were all hospitalized, with one of the children not being released for nearly three weeks.

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Luckily, everyone recovered — but this story does highlight the dangers of using food that has been sitting around in the backs of cupboards for too long! Of course, we have been assuming so far that the hot chocolate we are talking about has been stored properly — in a cool, dark place. There are, however, other factors that can cause the hot chocolate powder to spoil far quicker. Specifically, if any moisture reaches the powder, it can cause mold to form.

does starbucks hot cocoa mix expire

Even if the hot chocolate powder is left exposed to air, it may deteriorate more quickly. The best advice is to be smart and to use your eyes and apply some common sense. If you see mold growing, throw it away. If it is discolored or clumpy, do the same. So, does hot chocolate expire? The fact is, it probably takes a long time for hot chocolate or cocoa to become dangerous to consume — but as we have seen, it can happen. The risk might be minimal — but as we now know, it is possible to become ill from drinking long-expired hot chocolate.

Have you ever used old hot chocolate or coffee to make a drink? How did it taste? Did you suffer any ill effects? Or do you just throw it away and buy a new pack? If you have anything to add, please leave us a comment.People often ask does cocoa powder go bad?

The shelf life of cocoa is influenced mainly by the best before date and how it is stored. Does cocoa go bad?

Don't Toss Expired Cocoa Powder

If pure cocoa is stored properly, it does not really go bad, but the flavor and quality do decrease over time. Instant hot chocolate mixes, on the other hand, usually contain powdered milk or some type of dairy product so they they do actually expire and go bad.

So, how long does cocoa last? When properly stored, cocoa powder lasts :. Of course, all foods last for a shorter period of time if they are not stored properly. But, like a lot of other sweetsthere is usually a "best by date" which is simply the last day that a manufacturer will vouch for optimal quality and flavor, not safety. Because of this distinction you may use your cocoa even after its best by date has lapsed. Unopened containers of cocoa will remain fresh for slightly longer than opened ones, but since the definition of bad is very relative with this delicate powder the table is presented as such.

If the cocoa has remained dry and looks fine, then your sense of taste is the best way to tell if it is still good. When cocoa is no longer good, the chocolate taste in the powder disappears.

If your cocoa has gone bad, check our chocolate substitute page for ideas on what to use in your recipe instead. There are, of course, certain health risks associated with spoiled foods so always remember to practice food safety and enjoy your foods before their shelf life has expired!

Cocoa should be kept in a cool dry place like the pantry. The original container is fine, as long as it is properly re-sealed after each use. Like most other foods, it is susceptible to oxidation so the less it is exposed to air the better. Also remember to use a clean spoon or pour your powder into your cup to avoid cross contamination.

In humid environments, it may form clumps within the dry powder and expire sooner.We ran a couple of kitchen tests to see if really old cocoa powder was still fine to use.

When we repeated the test using high- and low-fat cocoa powders one to two years past their expiration dates, again comparing them with samples made with fresh cocoa, tasters could not differentiate between the samples. The compounds that give cocoa powder its flavor are less volatile than those in ground spices, which lose much of their flavor and aroma after about a year.

The more volatile the molecule, the more rapidly it evaporates and degrades. Free Trial. Start Now. Log in. Account Account.

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Best-ever offer: Free 3-week trial! Our Sites Our Sites. Log In. Don't Toss Expired Cocoa Powder We ran a couple of kitchen tests to see if really old cocoa powder was still fine to use. Recommended Reading. Sign up for our cooking newsletter. A family of brands trusted by millions of home cooks. Learn real cooking skills from your favorite food experts. The iconic magazine that investigates how and why recipes work. American classics, everyday favorites, and the stories behind them.All Rights Reserved.

These one-bowl brownies couldn't be easier to make, and adding leftover hot chocolate mix is the perfect way to make them extra special. Interested in a Mexican hot chocolate version? Just add 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon to the dry ingredients and sprinkle the top of each brownie with a pinch of chili powder. Get the Recipe: Hot Chocolate Brownies.

Use your leftover hot chocolate or cocoa mix in both the crust and the filling of this super-rich cheesecake that tastes just like the classic drink. Get the Recipe: Hot Chocolate Cheesecake. This swirly pound cake is the perfect place to use leftover hot chocolate mix. Leftover hot chocolate or cocoa mix gives a chocolatey kick to these pancakesinside and on top. Fold it into the batter and then also simmer it with the maple syrup for decadent drizzling. Get the Recipe: Hot Chocolate Pancakes.

If you have hot chocolate mix kicking around in your pantry, use some of it to make this easy dessert. This chocolate pudding is topped with whipped cream, but mini marshmallows would be great too!

Get the Recipe: Hot Chocolate Pudding. Leftover hot chocolate or cocoa mix transforms a regular sugar cookie recipe into a festive treat. To keep cookies nice and round when you set the dough log down in the freezer, here's a tip: Hang on to your next cardboard paper towel tube, cut through it with scissors to make an open trough, then rest the log in the makeshift cradle and freeze.

Parties Appetizers Entertaining Cocktails. Gift Guide. On TV. Store-bought hot cocoa powder can make more than just a hot holiday drink. Save Collection. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Related To: Dessert Hot Chocolate. More from:. White Christmas: Holiday Desserts 4 Photos. How to Make Croquembouche 24 Photos. Holiday Loaves and Bundts 6 Photos. Best Holiday Baking Recipes 81 Photos.

Healthy Holiday Desserts 13 Photos.

does starbucks hot cocoa mix expire

Candy Cane-Inspired Desserts 8 Photos.This time I wanted to use up some Starbucks hot cocoa mix we bought at Christmastime. Instead of letting the cocoa go to waste, I thought I would try and create a muffin recipe using it as an ingredient.

You can use any hot cocoa mix, Starbucks just happened to be the brand that I had on hand. Santa was nice enough to bring each of my four kids their own canister so I had plenty to choose from now that the warm weather is setting in. I also have a caramel flavored one I want to try these with! These muffins are filled with big chocolate chips and lots of great chocolate flavor.

As you can see, they were a big enough hit with my daughter that she wanted to share them on her Facebook page with her friends.

Since sinking chocolate chips can be an issue with muffins, I divided some of the batter up into the muffin cups before adding the chips. Then you add the chocolate chips to the remaining batter and distribute it among the muffin cups. This will keep any of the chips from baking on the bottom. Hope you try these, they were chocolatey and delicious and a great way to use up leftover hot cocoa!

Muffins are a great after school snack and perfect for tossing in lunch sacks as well! My question is how long can I store them, and how?? Air-tight, I assume, but freeze? Room temperature for a couple of days? But they are wonderful! Thanks for all your work and joy in living. Hi Natalie! Sorry I took so long to respond. You can freeze these for up to 3 months, they can be kept at room temp for probably two days, and for an additional week in the refrigerator.

Thank you so much for your sweet comments!! It absolutely makes plugging away at this blog worth every single minute : :. Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Sign me up for Amanda's newsletter, Foodie in the Craft Room for free recipe and craft ideas!

Amanda loves to bake, cook and create in the kitchen.

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Find out more here. Newsletter subscribers receive my cookbook "30 Ground Beef Dinner Ideas" absolutely free! Enter your name and email address below and we'll send it to you. Then each week we'll send you free recipes and craft ideas! Jump to Recipe Print Recipe 5 from 3 votes. Prep Time: 15 mins.

Starbuck’s Hot Cocoa Chocolate Chip Muffins

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Taste Testing ALL the Starbucks Hot Cocoa Mixes! [CC]

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